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Arté Lifestyle Group is a leading Architectural Firm specialising in Architecture, Construction and Property Development. Our vision is to establish a professional and trusting relationship with our clients which is the bedrock of every successful project. We strive to provide our clients with innovative designs, new creative ideas and the skill of bringing that design to frution as a real building. With combined strength in all industry disciplines we are fast becoming the all in one service of choice for leading companies and individuals. This way of working allows us to raise your project to a unique level.

Our Services


We approach each project with the utmost enthusiasm and passion. We have a dynamic design and technical team, to help carry the project through from inception to close-out. Architecture needs to reflect the desires and intentions of the end user, thus we form a trusted personal bond with the client to ensure we cater for their every wish. For each project we establish relationships with partners who we know will help us create added value for your project.


In the modern industrialised world construction involves the translation of designs into reality. We offer our client the opportunity to enter into a "design build" contract whereby we undertake the project from beginning to end. This turn-key structure allows the owner to integrate the services of architects, interior designers, engineers, landscapers and constructors throughout the design and construction process. We promote a sustainable approach towards construction that appreciates and develops smart growth, architectural tradition and current design styles.


Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It's a powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work and play. Comfortable homes, functional workplaces, beautiful public spaces - that is interior design at work. Arté Lifestyle Group offers the expertise of interior designers to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.


The traditional role of the estate agent as we know it, is continuously changing as new technology, marketing strategies and the expertise of the property specialist all come into play. Gone are the days where the estate agent, architect, construction company and a host of other professional people can operate in isolation. At Arté Properties we accept the challenge of providing the complete turn-key solution. Our clients can enjoy a professional unit with architectural design, construction, interior design, home automation, landscaping and the final sale of their valuable asset. Having professional property specialists with many years of experience, our clients are assured of the best possible service.


We aim to provide a sustainable design concept. The concept of Green Architecture, also known as "Sustainable architecture", is the theory, science and style of buildings designed and constructed in accordance with environmentally friendly principles. The idea of sustainability, or ecological design, is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the oppotunities of future generations. We follow current trends and modern architectural styles in accordance with our clients' needs and requirements, while still keeping to sustainable design principles.


With consultation from an award winning home theatre design and installation specialists, we strive to use the latest technological implementations in our projects. From automated garage doors, home cinema layouts, audio visual equipment supply, home automation, to off-site remote access light switches, we encourage innovative and futuristic installations which revolutionise the traditional home experience. These are great additions to the design, not only for personal use and comfort, but it also drastically improves the resell value of the property.

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